Ray Powell

JT Powell

As a retired investigator from Jacksonville Fire and Rescue, it is my desire to continue helping individuals protect their savings and retirement. I obtained my insurance license after much self education due to personal concerns with my own taxed deferred 401K. My 401K dropped three different times over a 30 year period. If my family and I had been dependant on this as financial income, the quality and standard of our lives would have suffered. I was aware of annuities, but had always been told they were a poor investment. I started researching and discovered there are annuities which are safe, with guarantee of the principal and have outperformed the stock market for the last 15 years. I am extremely satisfied with this program and would like to share how Annuities and/or Life Insurance can provide security and a lifetime income.
Hi, my name is JT Powell. I became interested in financial markets as I realized the lack of knowledge  out there regarding this and as I've seen family members who have been ill advised causing them financial loss. I pride myself in honesty and transparency. I'm not here 'just to make a sell', but desire to know your goals and help you meet them. I look forward to meeting you!